4-H Food Show

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The District 12 4-H Food Show is held each Fall as an opportunity for 4-H members from across the district to demonstrate their knowledge and skills related to food and nutrition.  The event focuses on 4-H members’ ability to properly prepare a dish in one of four different categories, present orally the nutritional value and preparation techniques to a panel of judges and demonstrate food safety and proper food handling and storage techniques.

District 12 4-H Food Show Information & Resources

District 12 4-H Food Show Results

[2023] – [2022] – [2021]
[2020] – [2019] – [2018] – [2017]
[2016] – [2015] – [2014] – [2013]
[2012 Award RibbonsTop Chefs]

State 4-H Food Show Information


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