4-H Video Gallery

View a variety of videos from district 4-H events and activities.  Be sure to check out all our videos on the District 12 4-H YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/d124h)  You can also view other 4-H videos produced by Texas 4-H on the Texas 4-H YouTube Channel .  Don’t forget our Photo Gallery.

District 12 4-H Videos

The YouTube player above features our most current post and other videos uploaded on our “Favorites” playlist.  Be sure to view all the videos here or on YouTube.  Have a YouTube account?  You can even subscribe to our channel to see our most current posts.


View this collection of videos to learn how to use common fruits and vegetables to create some great garnishes for your Food Show or Food Challenge entries.  These videos include garnishes with carrots, citrus, celery, cabbage, squash, and strawberries.

 Hint:  If you want to skip ahead or back, click the “playlist menu” icon to the right of
the volume control to scroll through to the garnish video of your choice.

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