4-H Postal League Program


The District 12 4-H Shooting Sports Postal League is an opportunity for 4-H members involved in the shooting sports project to compete with 4-H members across the district while staying in their own counties/communities. Scores submitted via “Postal Service” thus it is called a “Postal League.”
Archery   |   Shotgun   |   Smallbore   |   Postal League   |   Coach’s Certification
2024 District 12 4-H Shooting Sports Postal League

Contest Results are in Contest Archive

Rifle Scores ONLY – Orion Scoring System – Texas 4-H District 12

Use this link to access previous events scores and stats for individuals. Note: Team scores may not match official rankings listed above due to final scoring calculations that drop the lowest individual score per team.

State 4-H Shooting Sports Information


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